Young sherlock holmes 05 stor
1985 FILM starring Nicholas rowe as a young Sherlock holmes

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HOLMES arrives at a boarding school where he teams up with WATSON and ELIZABETH.They stumble on a cult of ancient egpytian worshippers who are mummifying girls and sacrificing them to replace princesses destroyed by pillagers years ago and those pillagers are dying one by one.Homles finds out the ringleader a teacher named RATHE who is actually Egyptian as him and his sister are injecting a hallucegenic into the victims.RATHE hypnotizes ELIZABETH preparing to sacrifice her as the fifth princess when holmes and Watson put an end to it by destroying the pyramid and keeping Elizabeth from being plastered.Rathe and holmes fight it but ELIZABETH dies when rathe shoots her and Rathe dies.Holmes becomes the worlds greatest detective but his heart greives for her.Meanwhile a man shows up at a hotel and signs in as MORIATORY as Rathe has survived..

ill never tell..


Elizabeth cannot resist..


must resist..


Elizabeth now mesmerized


what shall we do with her..

I am the fifth pleasure princess (10)

we need a fifth princess...


i want my mummy..

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