SPACE 1999 is a sci fi show created by GERRY AND SYLVIA ANDERSON which aired in 1975-76.Its tells of 311 men and women of MOONBASE ALPHA who are blasted out of EARTH orbit when the nuclear waste stored on the moon explodes in a chain reaction.The result is that they fight day by day to survive as they are led by COMMANDER JOHN KOENIG[MARTIN LANDAU] DR HELENA RUSSELL [BARBARA BAIN] AND VICTOR BERGMANN [BARRY MORSE-FIRST SEASON ONLY] as they encounter alien races and otherworldly dangers on their runaway moon.

RING AROUND THE MOON is the fourth episode of the first season.A techincan is making repairs when he is possessed by an alien object he goes to the computer and tries to relay information to the object as the others try to stop him but they are thrown around like ten pins and the crewman dies shortly thereafter his brain literally melted in his head.Suddenly they hear a voice as they are prisoners of the planet TRITON and the object places a force field around the moon.KOENIG orders an eagle to recon the sphere but is pushed back and crashes on the moon and KOENIG orders a rescue but the aliens kidnap RUSSELL and implant a device in her head-she is returned and tries to relay information.KOENIG and BERGMAN devise a force shield to get to the probe and succeed and KOENIG confronts them showing them that TRITON 2 million light years away was destroyed rendering their orders invalid the probe then self destructs freeing RUSSELL and ALPHA.
Year 1 cd
Ring Around the Moon
The alien

the alien begins it work


it takes control..


they try to stop him but he is too strong


Koenig in a chokehold


we are from the planet triton..

Alien eye view 2

i see you


Russell is grabbed

Gold robe

she faces the aliens


and is quickly programmed

Return of russell

they return her

Russell up close

under their control

Russell not right

she goes to the computer

Ring Around Moon Helena

and begins relaying information

Special effect 2

Koenig penetrates the field confronts the aliens

Button pusher

Russell relays info that triton is destroyed

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