HEROINE IN MARVEL COMCS- JESSICA WALTERS is a cousin of BRUCE BANNER AKA THE HULK and she gets shot by gangsters and her cousin has the same blood type so he gives her a transfusion which gives her HULKS powers but retains her intelligence as she can control her transformation unlike her cousin.

SHE HULK is working out at a circus unaware it is the home of the circus of crime and RINGMASTER hypnotizes her and makes her relate her origins. RINGMASTER was to turn her in to a person for money but first he has plans for her as he has her made up as GLAMAZONIA.Later that evening he hypnotizes the crowd and she hulk unwittingly helps rob the crowd. But things come undone as a gorilla steals the hat and zaps her out of her trance and she rounds up the gang and RINGMASTER tells her of the scheme..

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